Spirituality and Culture
Welcome to Spirituality and Culture

In response to an increasing need for spiritual research and monastic wisdom in the modern world, Sant’Anselmo will offer a new English-speaking program, “Spirituality and Culture”, beginning Fall semester. Subtitled “Challenges of Modern Culture to Spiritual Theology”, the program presents the Benedictine spiritual tradition read in the context of modern culture. This program of the Faculty of Theology will be fully accredited November 2017 and run through May 2019.

The program is oriented to Benedictines, members of other religious orders, priests and lay people who are interested in deepening their spirituality, enlarging their knowledge of modern cultural challenges and acquiring skills for formation work. Scholarships are available. Monks are welcome to live at Sant’Anselmo during and between the modules; nuns in neighboring monastic facilities.

FLEXIBLE : The program comprises four modules, each of which contains four perspectives. The modules are offered in eight two-week sessions within two years. In addition to the License, European “Master’s” degrees and diplomas are also available.

FOUR MODULES : The modules are divided into two parts and presented by two professors with two perspectives. The four modules are named: Foreignness and migration in cultures and religions; Responsibility for the material values in cultures and religions (economy and finance); Challenges of physical and natural sciences, technology and environmental protection in cultures and religions; and Social responsibility in cultures and religions (free time, creativity, aging, sickness and death).

LEARNING OUTCOMES : At the conclusion of each module, the student will have knowledge of the current status of the theme, its references in the Bible and the Rule of Saint Benedict, the relevant works of both ancient and modern Christian writers and the ethical and pastoral perspectives of the theme.