The Cultural Dimensions of Christian Spirituality

CDCS is a two-year summer programme; new students can enrol every year.
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From the very beginning Christians have traversed two worlds: their spirituality arises at the crossroads between Christian traditions and contemporary cultures. The relationship between Christian traditions and contemporary cultures in the context of spirituality can be theologically analysed from different points of view:

  • The Bible and its reception
  • Early Christian theology and literature (and in particular the Rule of St. Benedict) in which the roots of later spiritualities can be uncovered
  • The particular mental horizons of the 21st century
  • The concrete ritual forms spirituality can assume
  • The comparison between the spirituality of different religions and denominations

Questions of this sort will be addressed in an academic programme offered at the Monastic Institute (Pontifical Benedictine University Sant’Anselmo, Rome), in cooperation with members of the following institutions: Faculty of Philosophy, Theology & Religious Studies of Radboud University Nijmegen (NL), Liturgical Institute of the Catholic University Leuven and Titus Brandsma Instituut (NL).

In all the modules the different dimensions of Christian spirituality, and in particular Benedictine spirituality, will be examined in relation to their cultural context and other cultures. This implies an interdisciplinary and hermeneutical study of traditional resources (historical) and contemporary forms of spiritual life (anthropological).

The programme will help to improve the understanding of historical and modern cultural challenges for Christian spirituality with regards to single persons and in the context of monastic and non-monastic communities.

The programme has an ecumenical orientation. Members of all Christian denominations are welcome.

Further information about the programme and the scholarships is available through the coordinators:

Prof. Dr. Matthias Skeb
office: or
Fr. Matthias Skeb OSB (1959; monk of Königsmünster Abbey, Meschede (D)) is full professor for Patristic Studies at the Pontificial Gregorian University, Rome, and visiting professor at the Pontifical Benedictine University Sant'Anselmo.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Quartier
Br. Thomas Quartier OSB (1972; monk of Sint Willibrordsabdij, Slangenburg (NL)) teaches Ritual and Liturgical Studies at Radboud University Nijmegen (The Netherlands). He is associate professor (part-time) for Monastic Studies at Catholic University Leuven (Belgium) and visiting professor at the Pontificial Benedictine University Sant'Anselmo.

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