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The international Monastic Institute of the Faculty of Theology was founded 21 March 1952 to create a place of research on Christian monasticism. The Institute offered students the opportunity to acquire, through courses and seminars, a rigorous knowledge of both theology and monastic history. In 1977, the Institute was granted the right to grant licenses and the doctorates.

The Institute serves the Benedictine Orders, other religious orders and the entire universal Church. It has spawned countless spiritual writers, researchers, teachers, monks, nuns, novice masters, priors and abbots.

More than once during the Monastic Institute’s history, its curriculum was adapted to the needs of the times. Since early 2012, the entire program has undergone a fundamental revision. This revision seeks to take into account the strong interest of the universal Church and the Benedictine family in the theology of spirituality.

As a result of this revision, Sant’Anselmo now offers an academic curriculum in the field of ”Theology of Spirituality" with a unique Benedictine-monastic profile. Please click “Lists of Programs” to review our specializations and programs.