Sant’Anselmo invites you to gain a new perspective from ancient wisdom here at the modern center of Benedictine monasticism. Our three Summer Programs teach real-world lessons in cultural studies, business leadership and spiritual accompaniment from the ground of the Rule of Saint Benedict. Join us for two weeks in July as students, monks, scholars, and business professionals from around the world plumb the sources of monastic wisdom to show us a new way forward. We offer classes in English to seekers of all Christian denominations, and we welcome you to our community: Classes, accommodations and prayers are offered together in our cloister on the Aventine Hill.

Register for the Summer Programs at Sant’Anselmo and experience an unparalleled environment for focused study, stimulating interaction, communal prayer and quiet contemplation here in the heart of classical Rome. We look forward to meeting you.

Links to our Summer Programs
Cultural Dimensions of Christian Spirituality Cultural Dimensions of
Christian Spirituality

From the very beginning Christians have traversed two worlds: their spirituality arises at the crossroads between Christian traditions and contemporary cultures…
[... more]

Leadership and the <i>Rule of Saint Benedict Leadership and the
Rule of Saint Benedict

Developed in cooperation with the University of St Gallen (CH), we intend to establish a platform between the Rule, the Church's social doctrine and the science of leadership and manage­ment for monks, nuns and lay people in positions of leadership in monastic communities. [...more]

Holy Listening Programme Holy Listening Programme

Spiritual Accompaniment
in the Monastic Tradition

We teach spiritual accompaniment in the monastic tradition to spiritual directors, counsellors, retreat masters, conference speakers and those helping one another find their way forward in a faith-based context.   [...more]

corso di latino e greco Corsi estivi di lingue latina e greca

giugno - luglio

Il programma delle lezioni combina quattro settimane, di corso intensivo per un livello di competenza in cui gli studenti saranno introdotti all’ap­prendimento delle lingue classiche in maniera graduale e con risultati efficaci.    [... seque]

corso di ebraico biblico Corso intensivo di ebraico biblico


I partecipanti apprendono la scrittura e la fonetica. Acquisiscono un vocabo­lario di base, prestando attenzione alle dinamiche semantiche. Sono introdotti alla gram­matica del nome e del verbo, attraverso lo studio concreto di unità testuali con approfondimenti esegetici culturali e teologici.    [... segue]