Holy Land Benedictine Pilgrimage

Dates of the Pilgrimage    :    3-18 February 2017
Registration deadline    :    31 November    :    Register here now
Contact    :    Fr. Edward Linton    :    ibf@anselmianum.com

The Collegio di Sant’Anselmo, the Benedictine Residence in Rome, Italy, will host a Benedictine Pilgrimage to the Holy Land from 3-18 February 2017. We joyfully invite all Benedictine and Cistercian monks and nuns, including priests, to participate.

This pilgrimage, which has been specially designed for those who follow the Rule of Saint Benedict, will visit places associated with the scriptures and learn from the land, which is often called “The Fifth Gospel.” In addition, we also will visit Benedictine and Cistercian communities located in the Holy Land. In this way, participant pilgrims will not only enrich their understanding of the scriptures, they also will have personal encounters with men and women living today in the land of Christ.

This pilgrimage, initiated by Sant’Anselmo’s Office for International Benedictine Formation, is ideal for monks of all ages who want to explore the scriptures and experience Benedictine life in diverse places. The pilgrimage will be conducted in English.

Fr. Edward Linton, OSB
Director of International Benedictine Formation