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Propaedeutic for Liturgy



In recent years it has become increasingly evident that many students arrive in Rome for university studies without having the appropriate linguistic tools for such work. Since many seminars and university systems in every part of the world do not give importance to the study of languages, both ancient and modern, the student who comes from such an experience often feels lost in the multilingual environment of Rome and is not ready to face the study of liturgical texts in the original language. Just as it is impossible to study the Bible at university level without knowing Hebrew and ancient Greek, it is equally impossible to study the liturgy at this level without knowing Latin (as far as Roman and Western traditions are concerned) and ancient Greek (one of the fundamental languages - among others - within the many Eastern traditions).
In order to respond to this pressing need, the Pontifical Liturgical Institute has developed a special programme for those who have never studied Greek and Latin, or whose knowledge of these languages is not yet sufficient to use the biblical-liturgical sources. An admission exam (end of September) will allow the student to enrol directly in the two-year licence programme, or in the preparatory year. Latin will be taught five days a week; Greek three days a week. The language of instruction is Italian. Lessons last 90 minutes. At the same time, the student must also attend the Pro Seminar and two other obligatory courses on the current reading of the liturgical constitution and Latin between the late ancient period and the early Middle Ages.
Certificate At the end of the preparatory year, the student who has attended and passed the exams will receive a certificate of attendance with profit.

The study of the original languages also has a practical value, since some problems in pastoral practice have their origin in the misunderstanding of the editio typica latina. The Pontifical Liturgical Institute is proud to present the preparatory year of language studies as part of its service to the universal Church.