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The Pontifical Athenaeum Sant'Anselmo offers various language courses to which both students of the Athenaeum and external students who wish to undertake the study of a language can enrol.

Classical and Oriental languages

Understanding and knowledge of classical and oriental languages is essential to work with the literary sources of the philosophical, theological and liturgical tradition. Who wants to deepen the study with research in the exegetical traditions and dogmatic language must be able to understand both the Hebrew and the Greek language.
It is not enough to use only translations which, by the way, are not always like this reliable. As the translator of Syracuse wrote: "In fact, the things said in Hebrew do not have the same strength when they are translated into another language. And not only this work, but also the same one prophets and the rest of the books retain a not inconsiderable advantage in the original text".
The knowledge of these languages is even more important for the study of the literature of the other ancient churches, which even today, is still only partially translated. Sant'Anselmo has a long tradition in study and teaching of these languages.

List of courses

Modern languages