Art for worship

Advanced training course

Through exercises of conception and personal realization, the students will concretely realize, in small projects related to specific spaces, the theoretical contents learned and understood. Art for worship is the sensitive expression in space, and in the form / color, of the metahistorical mystery of the celebrated Christian faith.

The course is aimed at architects and artists who want to learn how to look at the works of Christian worship belonging to the millennial tradition of the Church, to identify the criteria used by the artisans-artists, architects, painters and sculptors who have created masterpieces for God and humanity.

– Educational structuring                                                                                

The course is structured according to a dual path: the classroom lessons, dedicated to the ecclesial building and to the mystagogy of ecclesial spaces / furnishings, are systematically coupled with laboratory activities related to the treated points.

This interaction aims to achieve a practical knowledge / understanding of the criteria that have presided – and continue to preside – in the conception of the ecclesial space / image in its various components.

The lectures are dedicated to the study of the sense of the architectural forms and of the interior furnishings of the Christian buildings of worship and of their monumental figurative expression.

The practical exercises carried out in the laboratory will serve to acquire a factual / active understanding of what has been learned.

Any further information is contained in the General Guide, which can be downloaded from the site
or, by clicking here, only the part related to the Master in Art for Worship.

Program for the Academic Year 2018-2019

Lectures and workshops will take place two or three times a month, on Friday mornings from 8:30 am to 11:50 am.
There will be two special conferences per year, and a guided tour, on Friday afternoon, from 15:30 to 18:00.

1 – Il contemporaneo e l’essenzialità della Tradizione
Lucia Valdarnini
11, 18 ottobre 2019

2 – Il Cristo Signore presente alla sua Chiesa: teofanie storiche e metastoriche con valenza liturgica
Maria Giovanna Muzj
8, 15 novembre 2019

3 – Il mistero del Cristo Signore nell’iconografia delle Feste: teofanie dei Natalizi/Epifania e della Passione/Glorificazione
Maurizio Marchini
6, 13 dicembre 2019

4 – Ruolo teologico della Vergine Madre nell’iconografia monumentale
Sidney Damasio Machado OFMcap
10, 17 gennaio 2020

5 – Il sentimento della presenza nelle chiese dell’Oriente cristiano
Siyana Nikolova Martcheva
21, 28 febbraio 2020

6 – Personaggi biblici emblematici nella liturgia e nell’edificio ecclesiale
Ruberval Monteiro OSB
20, 27 marzo 2020

7 – Lectio-Meditatio-Imaginatio
Michael Davide Semeraro OSB
24 aprile, 8 maggio 2020

8 – Laboratori pratici
Ruberval Monteiro OSB
25 ottobre, 22 novembre, 14 dicembre
24 gennaio, 6 marzo, 3 aprile, 15 maggio