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ebraismo moderno eAnselmo

Introduction to modern Judaism

Spiritual genesis of a political vocation

Judaism, in the complexity of its events, presents a substantial homogeneity that derives from the multi-millennial spiritual and political experience, unitary and at the same time multiple, whose founding datum is the pact with God and its observance. The course identifies the constitutive traits of the tradition of Israel in the perspective of modernity to which the Jewish world has contributed on the cultural and philosophical level, not forgetting its political vocation that presents a precise spiritual genesis and to which the fulfillment of the divine promises is connected. From this derives the attention of the course to the historical consciousness and to the representation of royalty in ancient Israel, to the structure of traditional society, to the group’s conservation strategies, to the conception of God, of time and space in the Jewish religious mentality up to the search for autonomy in that diasporic condition whose cultural expressions have contributed to shaping modern thought.