Examination 95023 The sacrament of reconciliation

The extraordinary appeal of the course exam 95023 The sacrament of reconciliation by prof. M. Tymister will be on Thursday 14 November at 10:30.
Please book in the section below, “Registration of extraordinary exams”, by 10 November. Thanks

Examination 95020 Christian initiation

The extraordinary appeal of the course exam 95020 The Christian Initiation of prof. J.J. Flores will be on 18 November at 15:00.
Please book in the section below, “Registration of extraordinary exams”, by 13 November. Thanks.

Examination verification of modern languages

The examination of the verification of modern languages will be, as already indicated in the Ordo, 16 November.
Please book this in the section below, “Registration of extraordinary exams” by 12 November.
Further information will be provided by email to members. Thanks.

Operations of the Registrar

Pre-registration online
Online pre-registration is required before the actual registration, which must be done personally at the Registar’s Office.

Registration form to be printed, completed and presented in the Registar’s Office

Pontifical Institute of Liturgy
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Information on the Processing of Students’ Personal Data (privacy)
Consent (to be signed and delivered to the Registrar together with the registration)

Study plan
To print and bring to your Dean or the Preside for approval and deliver to the Registrar.

Degree certificate and diploma (to be delivered to the Registrar’s Office)
Pre-enrollment certificate [free] (personally in the Registrar’s Office)
Certificate of registration and attendance [free] (personally in the Registrar’s Office)
Exam certificate taken [€ 20.00] (personally at the Registrar’s Office)
Custom certificates (personally in the Registrar’s Office)


Pontifical Institute of Liturgy (PIL)

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Faculty of Theology

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Faculty of Philosophy

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Please respect the hours.



tel. 06.5791401

Gavinuccio PINNA
tel. 06.5791400


How to get:
From Termini station
you can take the metro line B [MB], direction Laurentina, and get off at the stops: – Circo Massimo or Piramide.

With the buses it is possible to reach us with the following numbers: – 3, 23, 30, 75, 280, 716 (stop in via Marmorata)

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