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TTLL part22-28 May 2022 (classroom lessons)

Making a good translation of liturgical texts requires an extensive knowledge as well as certain art. It is a long, complicated and above all delicate process that can influence the life of the Church. In fact, the problem of language and translations of the liturgical texts, from a theological and pastoral point of view, is one of the most challenging issues. That is why the Pontifical Institute of Liturgy  decided, in collaboration with the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, to establish a specialized course in liturgical translations. The course is designed to be both theoretical and practical, an approach which can develop, unite and support the above-mentioned perspectives, always bearing in mind that the final goal is the “Church in prayer”, a significant moment during which the work of our redemption is carried out.

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To those who are responsible for different liturgical areas in dioceses, orders and congregations, or in national episcopal conferences, but above all to those entrusted with preparation of the translations of liturgical books in the current languages.
We intend to provide the tools to achieve an adequate level of competence in some of the fundamental subjects, such as the linguistic field, therefore special attention will be given to Latin liturgy, history, theology and other formal topics, in order to facilitate the transition from editio typica to translations officially approved for liturgical use.
The course is divided into two independent parts. The first one will take three (3) weeks, will be taught entirely online and is intended to be a preparatory part presenting topics of the Latin language and various problems concerning translations of liturgical texts. The second part will take four (4) weeks and will include classroom lectures, a visit to the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, and guided tours of the city of Rome.
  • Liturgical Latin, David Foster, OSB
  • Liturgical Books, Fergus Ryan, OP
  • Inculturation, Olivier-Marie Sarr, OSB
  • Hermeneutics, Dominik Jurczak, OP
  • Exercise of translation, Bruce Harbert
  • Music and translation, Jordi-Agustí Piqué i Collado, OSB
  • Consultations, Daniel P. McCarthy, OSB
  • Roma Christiana, Bernard Eckerstorfer, OSB
classroom lessons: 700,00 € (lodging excluded)

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