Welcome to the 4th International Oblate Congress

4 – 10 November 2017    :    Fraterna Domus via Sacrofanese    :    Roma

The Lord waits for us daily to translate into action, as we should, his holy teachings.
(RB, Prolog 35)

We are delighted to invite you to the Fourth International Congress for Benedictine Oblates to be held at the Fraterna Domus via Sacrofanese in Rome (Italy) from 4 to 10 November 2017. Benedictine oblates and oblate directors from all over the world will gather to discuss, to share, to celebrate, to pray and work together, exploring our Congress theme A way forward - The Benedictine Community in Movement.

The Congress is aimed at Benedictine oblates and oblate novices whose participation is endorsed by their oblate directors. A special workshop for accompanying oblate directors will be arranged.

The official Congress language is English, with plenum lectures translated into French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Further language groups can be added if participants contact the organisers and offer to help with translation.

Each country or region has been assigned its own quota of voting delegates. Once this quota has been filled, additional participants are welcome as non-voting representatives.

Following the Congress, there will be opportunity for delegates to extend their stay in Rome and participate in add-on trips to Monte Cassino and Subiaco, more details to follow. If interested, please email oblate@anselmianum.com.

We look forward to seeing you in Rome!

P.S. Please do not make travel arrangements before you receive notification about your allocated place from the Congress organisers.