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Monastic culture and spirituality

On-line training courses
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Ongoing monastic formation course

In May, the cycle of online courses offered by the Faculty of Theology of the Pontifical Athenaeum Sant'Anselmo and by the Monastic Institute will start. he goal is to offer ongoing formation in monasteries by presenting new programs every semester. To adapt to the schedules of the monasteries, the courses will take place over a month (five weeks) with 2 hours of lessons per day (15:30 - 17:15), combining five different courses.

In May the courses will address the following topics by these professors:

1. Le fonti patristiche del monachesimo I (M. Monfrinotti)
2. Spiritualità liturgica I (S. Geiger)
3. I grandi modelli monastici della storia I (F. Rivas)
4. Il monachesimo secondo sant'Agostino (B. Sawicki)
5. Monachesimo medievale e la Teologia Monastica I (F. Rivas)

The courses will be held online, live, in the afternoon; participants can receive the record lesson to watch and listen to it at a later time. A different course will be held each day of the week. Along with the lesson and reading material, access to a bibliography of texts will be provided as a support to the participant and as an in-depth study.
The total cost is €400 per community. With a single registration, more people can connect. Scholarships are provided to cover all costs.
At the end of the course, each the participant is required to submit a written paper cthat will be evaluated by professors of Sant’Anselmo.