The new edition of the missal (second course)

Online course

The publication of the new edition of the Italian missal is an appropriate opportunity to continue on the path of pastoral care of the liturgy that was initiated with the Council and to which much energy has been dedicated in recent decades.

To continue the work of implementing the reform, as the popes have recommended several times, and to experience that the liturgy is the best way to meet God and to announce the wonders that he has accomplished, the Pontifical Institute of Liturgy and the liturgical office of the diocese of Rome propose a short course of study related to the new edition of the missal.

The purpose is not only to know the rites or the rubrics, but the liturgical theology that is contained in the liturgical book, to enhance all the opportunities for adapting the text to the community that celebrates the liturgy and to ensure that the liturgy is truly the meeting of the community with the Risen One. The temptation is always alive, in fact, to fall into habit and routine or to move into the new edition of the liturgical book without grasping the spirit and value of the long and patient work of practical assimilation of the celebratory model.

The lessons will be recorded and will be made available on the day indicated on a page which can be accessed via a link and personal password which will be communicated via email. The first and last lessons will be broadcast live.

Registrants also will be possible to access the recordings until March 31, 2021, the date on which they will be removed.
The course will be coordinated by prof. G. Midili.