Studia Anselmiana

The Studia Anselmiana series is published by the Pontifical Athenaeum of Sant'Anselmo in Rome, which was refounded by Pope Leo XIII as a study centre of the Benedictine Order. The Faculty of Philosophy and Theology is active there, with a dogmatic-sacramental specialisation, as well as the Monastic Institute and the Pontifical Liturgical Institute, which are in some respects unique in the world.
Following the patristic-monastic tradition, from the beginning the theological perspective of the Athenaeum has been to merge the scholastic method with a sapiential vision.
Monasticism, with its theological reflection, fruit of a centuries-old experience of God in liturgical prayer and lectio, has always sought in this light the fundamental values of Christian life and therefore common to the various Christian churches. Connatural to this orientation is the ecumenical commitment and the constant renewal of the life and thought of Christians, as it turns to the genuine sources of Christianity: Bible, Fathers, liturgy.
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The more than 180 volumes published over a period of 70 years reflect this perspective. The titles of some sections reflect this:

Analecta Liturgica

Of the volumes already published, some collect miscellanies offered to emeritus professors, others the proceedings of international liturgical congresses, which the Institute holds every three years. Among the monographs are studies on famous personalities of the liturgical movement or its precursors. The volumes qualify as a true contribution to liturgical science.

Analecta Monastica

Analecta monastica is the section of the series devoted to studies of monastic spirituality and history. These contributions aim to examine and highlight the perennial relevance of the monastic option and its significance for today's man. To this end, they examine the role that monasticism, both Western and Eastern, has played and continues to play within the Church, society and history. The series includes, among other things, the three-volume collection of the writings of the great Adalbert de Vogüé.


Philosophica is the section of the series devoted to philosophical studies. The guiding theme is the relationship between reason and faith, declined in the relationship between logic and mysticism, philosophy and mysticism, knowledge and affectus, and in all dimensions, subjective and objective, in which it is possible to find the relevance and fruitfulness of thought open to the question of transcendence, in theoretical dialogue with antiquity and modernity up to the interaction with the contemporary scene.


The Sacramentum contains monographic studies by professors, proceedings of symposia, colloquia or congresses held by the various faculties or specialisations of the University, or miscellaneous studies in honour of certain professors. Of particular note are the proceedings of ecumenical colloquia on the sacraments and international congresses on liturgy.