Election of the Dean for the Faculty of Theology

The Congregation for Catholic Education approved the appointment of Professor Fernando Rivas OSB as Dean of the Faculty of Theology for a four-year term.
On behalf of the University Community, the Rector thanks the outgoing Dean, Prof. Eduardo López Tello García OSB, for the commitment with which he carried out his duties for four years.
We wish the new Dean, Professor Rivas, all the best in his new task, and thank him for all he has already done in the University as a lecturer and coordinator.

Fernando Rivas OSB

Professor Fernando Rivas OSB (1955) studied Philosophy and Theology in Argentina (his native country). He then went on to study at the Pontifical Athenaeum Sant’Anselmo, obtaining a Licentiate in Monastic Theology (1993) and a Doctorate in Theology (2012).
From 1999 to 2015 he was Abbot of the Monastery of San Benito de Luján (Buenos Aires). In 2017 he returned to Sant’Anselmo as a lecturer in the Faculty of Theology and in 2018 he was appointed coordinator of the Monastic Institute; with the Covid emergency he took on the role of head of the Athenaeum’s IT group. He was the promoter of the new online course “Estudio Monásticos en español” of which he is currently the coordinator. Over the years he has given courses on monastic theology (including women’s monasteries), the Rule of St Benedict and Gregorian chant.
He is the author of six publications and numerous articles and reviews. He was director of the monastic journal Coloquio for sixteen years and a member of the editorial board of the Benedictine Congregation of the Cono Sur Cuadernos Monásticos for twelve years.
In addition to his university work, he is Vice-Principal of the College of Sant’Anselmo, a post he held in Argentina before being appointed Abbot of San Benito de Luján.