Monastic Studies

Monastic studies are based on our specialisation in Spiritual Theology and follow exactly the same curriculum. The main difference is that they do not require an academic degree in theology, but only a cycle II degree (Licentiate, Master's degree).

The Monastic Studies specialization offers a very special look at the spiritual life. It seeks to know, recreate, update and promote the oldest spiritual tradition of Christianity: that of monasticism, whose roots date back to the third century. A great number of problems that we face today were solved many centuries ago. For this reason the Institute attaches great importance to the study of the textual sources of the monastic tradition. Together with the Bible and the liturgy, in fact, they become a secure and authoritative basis for the search for a true religious and personal identity and an authentic spiritual experience so much desired in our times of globalization and secularization. The monastic tradition is striking with its completeness. It combines prayer with daily activities (ora et labora); the physical aspect with the spiritual, intellectual and affective aspect; the individual dimension with the community, existential and mystical dimension. All this becomes a sapiential path: balanced, harmonious, practical and accessible to everyone. Then the monastic tradition in some way places itself at the centre of the world, which it wants to collect, transforming it into a liveable and meaningful reality. One of its essential aspects is the dialogue with the various cultures and other religions. The phenomenon of monasticism, in fact, exists in various spiritual traditions. Set in this way, the study of monastic spirituality allows us to enjoy the plural reality of the world by learning the horizons of all those who are in search.

Formation offer

With the change in the statutes approved by the Congregation for Catholic Education on 14 November 2001, the Faculty of Theology of the Pontifical Athenaeum Sant'Anselmo can issue the academic degree of Licence in Monastic Studies without a specific theological preparation.

They also offer the possibility of a diploma, for those who have a high school diploma. Therefore, it is ideal for monks, nuns, novice masters, religious and lay people in general who are interested in monastic studies, but who do not have the Baccalaureate in Theology required for Spiritual Theology.

After obtaining the Licentiate in Monastic Studies the student can obtain the Doctorate in Monastic Studies in the same way as the academic degree of the Doctorate in Theology.