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Licence with specialization in Spiritual Theology (2nd cycle).

Conditions for admission

  • The Baccalaureate in Theology, or an equivalent theological preparation to be verified by an admission examination;
  • sufficient knowledge of Latin and Italian to be demonstrated by passing examinations at the end of September/beginning of October (see University Calendar);
  • in addition to the Italian language the knowledge of two other modern languages (English, French, German, Spanish).

Requirements for the grade

Students for the Licence degree must reach a total number of 120 ECTS credits (90 ECTS must be covered by courses, seminars, reviews and the study day paper; 30 by the licence, the licence defence of the licence and the comprehensive examination):

  • 4 ECTS for the mandatory writing of 2 reviews of 2 different books;
  • 2 ECTS for an obligatory paper that deepens the theme of a day of study;
  • 6 ECTS for 2 mandatory seminars (active participation and writing of a paper);
  • 78 ECTS for the 26 courses (preparation, participation, private work, exams);
  • 30 ECTS for the inclusive examination, licensing thesis and licence defence.

With the approval of the Dean customized programs can be processed.
The vote of the Licence is calculated for 30% on the average of the exams, 30% on the written work, 10% on the defence of the work in discussion and 30% on the inclusive examination.