Doctorate in Spiritual Theology (3rd cycle)

The 3rd cycle aims at the completion of scientific training with the writing, defence and publication of a doctoral thesis that offers a real contribution to the progress of theology.

Conditions for admission to the 3rd cycle .

To be admitted it is necessary to have obtained the degree of Licentiate in Theology (ST.L.) with specialization in Monastic Spiritual Theology (or monastic specialization) of the Monastic Institute with the minimum degree of magna cum laude. Students who have obtained their degree of Licentiate elsewhere can be admitted to the doctorate cycle under the same conditions only if the licence obtained is consistent with the specialisation. If continuity between cycles is partially lacking, it is up to the Dean's Council, in consultation with the Coordinator, to determine the study plan to be followed.

Requirements for the degree

  • 2 courses;
  • a (annual) seminar for PhD students;
  • the writing, defence and publication of a doctoral thesis.