From Monday 4 March until Friday 5 April 2024 the new edition of the permanent monastic training course in English, organised by the Faculty of Theology and the Monastic Institute of the Athenaeum, will take place.


1. Prof. A Brombin, obl. S.B.: Monasticism and Scared Iconography: Celestial Transfigurations.
2. Prof. F. Rivas, O.S.B.: The meaning of the monastic community from the Life of Anthony to the Rule of St Benedict.
3. Prof. B. Sawicki, O.S.B.: Tradition as the orientation of community life.
4. Prof. S. Geiger, O.S.B.: The community: body of Christ, Eucharistic community.
5: Prof. Sh. Guvvala, O.S.B.: The Rule of S. Benedict: a doctrinal and spiritual study.

Five new courses are offered, one for each day of the week starting at 10 hours (Italian time)

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