From Monday 5 August 2024 the new edition of the permanent monastic training course in English, organized by the Faculty of Theology and the Monastic Institute of the Athenaeum, will take place.


1. Prof. F. Rivas, O.S.B.: The Psalms in monastic life
2. Prof. Sh. Guvvala, O.S.B.: : Christ and his Mystery in the Benedictine Rule
3. Prof. S. Geiger, O.S.B.: Theology and Spirituality of the Liturgy of the Hours
4. E. Power, O.S.B.: "A letter of recommendation, written on your hearts (2 Cor 3:2): St Paul and Lectio Divina".
5. Prof. A Brombin, obl. S.B. The Monastic Journey of Thomas Merton (1915 -1968).

The course starts on Monday 5 August at 11 am Rome time and lasts 5 weeks.

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